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Looking For Safe Treatments During Summer Months ?

We have been asked numerous times is Microneedling is Summer Safe? Why it May Be the Answer to Your Summer Skin Problems.... If you’ve been wishing you could display smoother, more youthful looking skin this summer, you may be wondering if microneedling in summer months is safe. We have great news — this non-invasive treatment may be your perfect choice!..


We know this looks scary!

Microneedling sounds a bit scary, but in truth, this safe process can make a huge difference for a variety of skin issues — including many that plague us during the Summer months... Why microneedling in summer?

This time of year, we’re wearing tank tops and shorts, showing more of our skin, a time when many of us want to look our best and hide stretch marks. Summer sun means our fine lines and wrinkles are on full display, and many people have acne flare-ups due to the extra sweat, oils, and sunscreen applications. Microneedling can reduce sun damage, which many of us get this time of year. Some people experience changes in their pigmentation during the summer as well. The low-to-no-pain process stimulates new skin growth, leaving you with skin that is firmer and clearer, feels smoother, and more easily absorbs moisturizer.

Another reason to invest in microneedling during the summer is timing. The procedure takes about an hour in most cases, meaning you can squeeze it in during your busy summer schedule! Imagine erasing signs of aging in less time than it takes to watch a summer movie. And don’t forget to protect that beautifully rejuvenated skin. #microneedling

What can you treat?

Scarring, wrinkles, large pores, alopecia, pigmentation problems, stretch marks, rosacea, acne, and can help with loose skin due to weight loss.

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